• Kat Johnston Sketch: drip, drop, drip, drop, a steady constant stream of dripping and dropping....
  • Its been a frantic few days with the final reopening of my Sanu store on the Scribble sim – but how perfect is that name? A sim called Scribble! There is just something deliciously right about a name that fits in with me. Not to mention the fact that it compliments my store so well: most of the sim is in glorious shades of monotone, which tends to lend an incredible amount of vibrancy to my corner of it. What is even better, is that the owner and the other residents of the sim are just fantastic and as quirky as I. I think it is a glorious match. Within the next few days I’ll dig out some piccies from the opening party and get them up for you to see.

    Today’s picture is just a simple one – something I was scribbling as I was sitting in front of the media machine, watching some show or another – I think it was Life, to be honest, but it could well have been something else… I watched quite a range of tv today, alongside playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village on my DS Lite.

    I don’t mind Professor Layton, but I do so wish that they would integrate the puzzles into the story-line a touch more to make them ‘relevant’ rather than simply a string of non-related pieces loosely tied together to form a narrative. I adore a well done puzzle game, but this one… well… I can’t help but get the feeling that it could have been done better, you know? As if it just had so much potential, and it just keeps on falling just short of the mark. That said, it is still fairly entertaining, and I’m still playing despite its flaws. Oh, but give me a Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney any day: best DS game ever.

    That’s all for tonight!