[image title=”Sanu stuff: A special item for the Victorian Bushfire Relief efforts.” size=”large” id=”1138″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu stuff: A special item for the Victorian Bushfire Relief efforts.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Some may knock Second Life, but say what you will: if ever there was an example of ‘every little bit counts’, this is one of them. Nigh on everyone at this point has heard about the bushfires raging down in Victoria and the subsequent devastation caused by them – including most of the people who spend at least part of their time in Second Life.

One Second Life resident has put out a plea for donations to go towards the Australian Red Cross Appeal to aid with Bushfire relief – many vendors have answered that call by setting up donation kiosks and selling items with either part or all of the proceeds from their sale going directly towards the appeal fund. For a list of participating vendors, please see here.

Sanu has also joined in offering an item for those who wish to donate – 100% of the proceeds for these tiniest koalas will go directly towards the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and they are transferable for easy gift-giving. Why did I make koalas? My family here is intimately involved with the care of orphaned and injured wild-life, giving them a home and raising them until such a point as they can be released back into the wild. Some of you may have seen the images of koalas who have been affected by this sudden heat-wave down south, and of course, the subsequent burning of their habitat. Along with the human cost of these horrendous fires, the cost to our wildlife is high.

If you are a resident of Second Life, consider teleporting to Sanu and either purchasing this item, or simply donating to the cause using the donation kiosk provided.