• Sanu Stuff: The midnight monocle now in store! Awww, isn't that the cutest little bunny?
  • Yes, I’ve been neglectful of updates over the past couple of days… yeep! I’ve been so busy releasing new stuff for Sanu that it just slid by the wayside. The picture above is just the first – a monocle I made a little while back originally for my Lucky Chair, now available for people to buy. It comes with two monocles and the earrings to match. Isn’t it cute?

  • Sanu Stuff: The scribble monocle with some decent signage to go with.
  • I’ve recently moved into a brand new location – a sim called Scribble. With the move, you just know I had to update the Lucky Chair with something a bit new and exciting to celebrate the new location. Therefore I made… you guessed it… monocles! They’re now properly signed (rather than the temporary one I popped in store) and added to the regular line. I will be updating the lucky chair with something new fairly soon, so keep an eye out.

  • Sanu Stuff: The matching set for the Scribble Monocles now available in store.
  • Also up in store now is an additional set of jewelry designed to match the Scribble monocles. I did want to display the monocle in the signage too, to show it all together… but… well, you just know that someone out there isn’t going to read the text on the sign with the great big letters saying ‘MONOCLES NOT INCLUDED’ and see the sign above it saying ‘Monocles’ and still not connect the dots. Am I jaded? A little. But lets face it – it would happen. Disgruntled IMs from indignant customers make me grumbley.

  • Sanu Stuff: Limited Edition Geartime Monocle - and they're nearly all gone!
  • This one is not a new release – but I thought I should throw it up here anyway. This is the limited edition Geartime monocle to fulfil the request of a few people for something a bit more steampunky. Only fifty will be sold until they are no longer available at all – and there are less than 5 left in store! So the thing is, if you want one, you’d better move quick.

    Phew! That’s enough of the Sanu stuff for now – I should be posting a sketch later today, if I can find the time (and my damn back would stop aching). Have a great day all!