• Sanu Stuff: Geartime Locket Set to match the past Geartime Monocle (no longer available)
  • Some more Sanu stuff for today, and fun things besides! Today I’ve released a couple new items, one of them being another limited edition release: the Geartime Locket set. This set perfectly matches the Geartime monocle, which is no longer available for purchase. Only 50 will be sold, only 42 are left at the second of this posting, so you’d better move quick if you want it!

  • Sanu Stuff: Signage for the Shimmer Monocle set... warm, refined, simply divine.
  • Last night I was playing around, making more pretty things… pretty things are pretty, after all. This monocle set was the result of that playing. I may yet do a full additional set to match these monocles, because I think that I can make something quite refined to match. I love how the rich, deep copper and the lighter blush of the pink compliment each other so beautifully.

    Anyhow, that’s it for the Sanu releases today. Stay tuned for some sketches!