• Kat Johnston Sketch - look what I drew in the orientation lecture for a biomedical degree? Fun!
  • So I had to take my sister into the city yesterday – she is such a smart little cookie she got herself accepted to a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and this is her first time at university! As it so happened, I stuck around to check out the introductory lecture covering a little of the course stuff… mainly to show her where the building is, but hey, I got a free baggie out of it too, and a chuppa chup.

    Because I, for one, don’t actually intend to take a degree in biomedical science (lacking the basic skills in anything remotely biomedical), I spent the lecture doing a few sketches of people around the room in a brand new little sketch-book I grabbed the other day at Ikea. Again, I have to say that these packet of 30c pens have just been far too fun for words… they’ve made me bounce over to a style I usually neglect, generally opting instead for a finer, shaded, measured approach. Having but one tone to offer, these pens are fairly unforgiving in the matter of sketch-marks… its go and be damned if you get it wrong, because there’s naught way to fix it once the stroke is made. Its fun!

    And that, my friends, is my final word for the night. Its time for me to head to my slumber, to dream of pixels and prims and other things that make me go ‘ohhhh, pretty things!’