[image title=”Sanu Stuff: Mmmm… gummy bear jewelry, they say? I say yes!” size=”large” id=”1156″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu Stuff: Mmmm… gummy bear jewelry, they say? I say yes!” linkto=”viewer” ]

Today has been a long day, made no shorter by the fact that something made me rather grumbley earlier on in the day. That aside though… this is a new release in the Sanu store. My group yesterday, after me handing out a freebie, went into a bit of a discussion about gummy bears. Radio, the incredibly talented owner of Scribble, went ‘you know… I can make gummy bears’, so we put our heads together and came up with some stuff.

Something inside me squeals out in delight when it comes to combining the intricately detailed scrollwork I put into my most elaborate pieces with something as (lets face it) patently rediculous as gummy bears. I think just about anyone can take a gummy bear and do raver jewelry and so forth with it – I think it takes a special hand to turn it into something not only fun, but can also be admired on more than the 2-second novelty value it provides because it is, well, made with gummy bears. Does that make sense? Say what you will, I don’t think everybody can do it… so I feel special, because I think I have.

That’s not to say, by the way, that I don’t absolutely love full on novelty stuff (why the hell would I say that? Half my store is dedicated to it!) but yeah… its nice to try and push the envelope a little to create something super special with that touch of something unique in it at the same time – not just jewelry, not just novelty… a little of both. Like my tiniest bunneh monocles, of which I have produced a few.

[image title=”Sanu Stuff: the lucky chair gummy love rainbow set.” size=”large” id=”1157″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu Stuff: the lucky chair gummy love rainbow set.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This is the special rainbow set, now available in the lucky chair. After all, gummy bears and rainbows do just seem right together, don’t they? Sanu: taking virtual food to a whole new level.