• Kat Johnston - Look! Ice-cream does grow on trees. Or at least grows on tendrilly plant thingies, anyway.
  • Another day, another little something for the site! Today a sketch – I’ve been a little lazy with Second Life today. That said, if you’re in a creative mood today, I suggest you head over to my Sanu flickr account and name the ice-cream. Go onnnnn… they’re full of ice-creamery goodness!

    In honor of thinking about ice-cream all day, I would like to posit that ice-cream does really grow on trees. At the very least, it does when I says it does. Money does too, so long as the boundaries between reality and my imagination are well and truly blurred, and there is no need for me to actually spend said money from said money trees. After all, lets face it – nobody wants rotting leaves in their cash register. Its just messy.

    Actually, when you think about it, if money did grow on trees and the money grown on said trees behaved as leaves do, I think it would be a rather interesting situation indeed. Would the seeds of a money tree be coinage? Would there be different types of trees for each of the denominations, or would it simply be a case of seed and flower or leaf development?

    Eg, does a money tree start off planted with a 1c coin (or 5c here in Australia, since we don’t go down at low as a cent), and as it matures it works it way up until its sprouting notes, which increase in denomination as the money-blooms mature, or do you need a whole separate plant to sprout the five dollar notes and the ten? Is the money it sprouts the leaves or the ‘flowers’, and if it comes in the form of the flowers, what are the leaves? Deposit slips? Cheque books?

    I, for one, think that it is a thought entirely worthy of pondering. I think I might come up with a whole philosophy regarding it given enough time to ponder. Pondering is fun.