• Kat Johnston Sketch - A poor little bunny, discarded to the corner. Oh what days we have, hmm?
  • I actually meant to do this post last night! Eep! However, what with having to do a trillion other things, it kinda just slipped by the wayside. No matter – it is up now, and that is what counts.

    So as you can probably tell (yes, two in a row is telling), I’m back on a bunny fix. I stole out one of the ikea sketchbooks I bought the other week and I’ve been drawing a bunny on each page – see, you can even sneak a peek at a disgruntled bunny using his ears as a comb-over on the next page if you squint at this one. The pages are fairly thin.

    So far, I’m up to 27 bunnies, only two of which you see here. Perhaps I will dust off the ole Kat Johnston flickr account and get to posting the entire sketchbook up there when it is completed. So far I don’t have a page in there that doesn’t have at least a few redeeming qualities.

    The only rules I have set myself are these: at least one bunny per page, and the colour of the pens used cycles in this order: pink, purple, blue, green, orange. Because I bought more of the coloured bic biros, and despite the fact that they are leaky little bastards, they’re also very fun to play with – if only for the fact that I might turn around later and go ‘are there any trends in what I do based on the colour I draw with? Does it influence me more than a little?’ I guess we’ll just have to see – only finishing off the sketchbook might reveal that one, and that might be a little ways away. I feel as if I’ve barely left a divot yet!