• Kat Johnston: What do you get when you splice a turtle and an elephant? A turlelephant!
  • First off, a little something for Dimmy, a friend of mine. Yes, I’ve drawn it… a turtle and an elephant, spliced into one mega-awesome creature. You gotta admit, he’s cute! This little turlelephant was bought to life as I sat in on a psychology lecture today… I listened to the lecturer talk about perception of self and the impact of perception of self and of others… I sketched at the same time. Oh, and ate some choc-orange fudge. The choc-orange fudge was tasty.

    I’m not going to put a picture up of the current Sanu item: I’ve done it as a png with a transparent background and I’m… um… too lazy to actually save it as a jpg right now. It’s an ice-cream monocle – a wonderful combination of both food and fashion. Yum!