[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch: Bunnies… are better than interviews.” size=”large” id=”1207″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch: Bunnies… are better than interviews.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Why oh why am I so unnerved when it comes to interviews for positions that I really want? I start blabbering and babbling, and talking about things unrelated to the question because in reality, although I spent hours thinking over what I should or could say, my brain offers me a big fat blank instead.

I’m fine in most any situation, but when it comes to an interview… zilch. I turn into a bundle of nervous energy, scrabbling for anything even barely approaching a cohesive response to whatever question has been asked of me. Ah well. Cross your fingers for me – I hear on Friday whether I got the position or not.

Now, onto something slightly more cheery (still got those fingers crossed for me?) – I popped by to the Museum of Brisbane today to check out the Temperature 2 exhibition. I went to the first Temperature exhibition a few years back, and loved it to bits, so I guess it was time that I got out and saw its successor.

I have to say that for me, the highlight was Karl de Waal’s piece, ‘Quilt for Melanie’ – a quilt stitched together from discarded notes people had written. I could have spent all morning there reading each and every one of them. I must admit, I was sorely tempted to call some of the phone numbers which were on those scraps of paper, just to say ‘hey, by the way, did you know?’

I found most of the pieces intriguing in their own way, but that particular artwork was really the one to capture and hold my attention most. Isn’t it funny how a collection of the mundane can transform into something with a power all its own when it is taken into the hands of an artist? Each of those scraps, discarded by their owners once their use was fulfilled, stitched together with so many others entirely elevates them to something above and beyond their original form.

Little snippets, snatches of people’s lives, like a candid snapshot of a moment which was never intended to be witnessed by anyone other than them – one piece saying ‘don’t forget to bring the tampons’ on what appears to be a shopping list for a trip away, another piece seemingly filled with figures to work out some budget… I like it. Then again, I have rather a fascination for the discarded – what people throw away and toss aside, and then how it is reclaimed through art.

Ok… that’s all for today. Oh! The picture is another of my bunnies from the bunny sketch-book… he’s cute!