• Sanu Stuff: A special limited edition for St Paddy's day... a little luck o'the Irish!
  • Just a little notice on here as well as in Second Life: I’ve done up a limited edition set of monocles featuring some beautiful green gems for St Paddy’s. Sold in a limited set of 50, they will not be re-released once they are all sold, so I guess you’d better get in quick!

    I must admit, I love making limited edition pieces. In Second Life, there’s the ability to sell an unlimited number of items. While you can retire items, make room for more, and so forth, there is the potential for a piece to be up indefinately… or at least until Second Life goes up in deliciously digital flames. There is the potential for each and every person in Second Life to get exactly the same item… unprobable, but still possible.

    Limited edition and limited time items somewhat combat that. Its something special, something with a degree of uniqueness. As a creator… I like that.

    Update: I got back on a few minutes ago and threw together some earrings to go with the monocles, and I’m providing them beneath the limited edition monocles sign for just a linden. Go grab em!