• Kat Johnston Art: The original sketch for my painting... as yet untitled.
  • About a week ago I blacked out a canvas I’d started a little something on, and did the start of this sketch – just the face portion. It was 3am, I could not sleep to save myself, so it was something to do in the early morn. Today I got back to it and was able to sketch out the rest of the hair and get it ready to paint.

  • Kat Johnston art: An initial layer of white against the black base... quite a different appearance to the sketch, hmm?
  • And then I started painting it! Whee!

    Yes, it is early stages, but so far so good. I’m actually really happy with the current progress. The original thought was to have it in colour, however… I think I’m liking it in the monotone. Either way, it still needs a lot of work – There is no decent tonality on the hair, it needs some edge definition, so on and so forth – lots yet to do.

    That all said, though, I thought it was about time that I threw up a proper painting in progress. Its been a fair amount of time since I’ve done any significant amount of painting: more than a couple of years even. I’m only just really getting back into doing it, and I’m loving every second. When I have the chance, I’ll post pictures of a turlelephant I painted the other week for a couple of friends of ours – I’d only just popped on a coat of glaze and had to scoot out the door before I was able to take a shot, so I have to wait until Dimity takes some for me!

    Anyhow, don’t judge too much yet… we’ll have to see how it turns out. She has yet to reveal to me her full story – I have a feeling that it will not be until the final brush-stroke carresses the canvas that I will fully work out who she is.