[image title=”Kat Johnston Art: The lady Lilianne.” size=”large” id=”1220″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Art: The lady Lilianne.” linkto=”viewer” ]

I don’t know quite what to say about her. I was sitting, watching some tv and browsing through some sites this morning, at an hour ere dawn… I am still recovering from my cold, and am having horrid bouts of coughing that cannot be quelled without waking – thus my sleep has been somewhat erratic. So I sat, listening to the show playing beside me, with a pen in my hand, sketching away… I knew I wanted to draw a face, and I knew the lips that I wanted… that was about it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it right on the lips – due to the unforgiving nature of a ballpoint pen, my initial mistaken angle could not be reversed on the lower lip… ah well. I think the eyes make up for it. It could use some more working, but I decided to halt at that point… my hubby wanted snuggles!

Now, on an entirely unrelated matter. I love browsing the web for art, to inspire me and make me go ‘uhh… wow! I wish I could do that’. I thought I’d share one of those links with you today. CG Society recently had their ‘Steampunk Myths and Legends‘ challenge and my lord… the entries are stunning. Forget about just going to the winner’s page… click that link above and check them all out. I wish I had half the talent some of those people possess.