• Kat Johnston Sketch: this rabbit hardly looks pleased... ah well. It serves him right for being a telly.
  • Lets get the quick stuff out of the way first: I don’t have a painting picture to show you today because I am in the middle of sketching out another canvas, and it is not ready to be seen yet. So instead, you’re getting another bunny. He doesn’t seem to be incredibly pleased at being stuffed into a television and used for his ears.

    Now, onto the more important stuff! I went to the Powerhouse last night to check out a certain comedian I absolutely adore… Tim Minchin, in his show ‘Ready for This’. If you haven’t heard of him before… well… you can thank me later for introducing you! I love, love, love his work like you wouldn’t believe – its hilariously irreverent, occasionally thought-provoking, always brilliantly executed.

    I must admit, I found the start (as in the entrance/lightshow thingie) to be a touch iffy (the sound was a little loud, and thus a bit distorted for me), but I think that has to do with it being opening night¬† – there’s always bound to be a couple of glitches to begin with. From there on in, however, it was perfect.

    Things started with Prejudice, which the hubby and I were quite delighted with: James has a tinge of the ginge in his fringe and we’ve been humming the song for the past couple of weeks straight. Even with someone yelling out ‘bluey’ part way though – he just took it in stride so well. Another highlight was Storm, a nine minute long beat-poem, and another was brilliant song which mimics my own attitude towards certain types of critics, in response to his first scathing review… oh heck, if you’re in Brisbane, just get onto the website and book a ticket if you possibly can.

    Ok… Minchin fan-girliness… over and out.