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Argh, I have been ill ill ill, and it hasn’t been pretty. Coughing and hacking, sniffling and sighing: I really don’t take well to having the flu. On the upside, I’m starting to feel somewhat human again, which is rather a blessing indeed.

In celebration of feeling human again, I finally sat down and mucked out another quest for Sanu. Those who know of my hunts, know that I like to give them a bit of a narrative to make the hunt more interesting. As has been the tradition, this story links into those that have gone before it – this time, it goes into a story about Chloe, the wife of Pip (the star of our first adventure) and mother to Hamish (star of the second). The hunt will run through to the 14th of April, with full instructions available at the store. So, without further ado, let me give you the first part of Adventure Quest: Hunt on the High Seas.

Little Juniper was the tinest bunny of the litter, and the youngest besides. Indeed, it was for this reason that she would spend her evenings sitting below the bush that carefully hid the entrance to the warren and sigh with wistful abandon. All the other bunnies were larger, stronger, and more athletic – she just didn’t feel special by comparison.

One evening, her grandfather spied the young doe by the doorway, shuffling across to sit down beside her. “Good eve, little Juniper.”

Juniper sighed. “Hello Grandpapa Pip.”

Grandpapa Pip was saddened by the folorn nature of his young kinsfellow. All knew of Juniper’s feelings, but even the encouragement of her esteemed father or all of her brothers and sisters seemed to do little to make her smile. Grandpapa Pip thought he might know just the thing. A story.

“You know, Junie, it doesn’t always pay to be the strongest, or the biggest. There was once another young bunny, very much like you who didn’t need any of those things to achieve great things.”

Juniper stirred from her thoughts, showing a curiousity none had seen out of her for weeks. “Who? Who, Grandpapa?”

Grandpapa smiled, patting his lap. Juniper scrambled up and settled herself within his warm, comforting embrace.

“Her name was Chloe – your Grandmama. It was soon after we had our firstborn, your Da Hamish.”

Juniper gasped in surprise. Her very own Grandmama? But how?

“The sun had just slipped below the horizon when a messenger flew into the entrance of the very warren we sit in now. With chest heaving, he delivered a message: the keys to the sacred jewels belonging to the rabbit king of the next dale over had been stolen: and by pirates, no less. He offered bountiful rewards for any who could return them.”

Juniper bounced in Grandpapa’s lap. “You mean she found them? She found the keys? What happened, Grandpapa?”

“Well, Chloe and I had just had your Da, but what the King of the Dale asks for, he must receive. The messenger came for us, for the King knew of my adventures before. I, however, could not leave: I’d broken my paw only a week before – it lay completely useless. Your Grandmama, however, could search for them.”

Grandpapa Pip paused for just a moment. Juniper’s eyes shone brightly as she waited expectantly for him to continue.

“Chloe packed herself a basket, with a few things she thought she needed, and she set out from the warren, leaving me home to tend to our newborn. She first set out for the cherry tree, within sight of our home.”

Chloe’s adventure had begun.