[image title=”Sanu stuff: Cuppy-cakes are the new ice-cream.” size=”large” id=”1239″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu stuff: Cuppy-cakes are the new ice-cream.” linkto=”viewer” ]

You know, I’ve had my ice-cream obsession… its had a good run… and I am certain to return to it in the fairly near future. However, I’m currently taking a break from it and refocusing on another awesome food-group… cuppies!

I recently did three batches of cupcakes for my husband’s birthday, decorating them with little fondant pacmen to give them the geekish flair they so desperately needed. Both he and I are geeks at heart, as are a good majority of our friends, so they went down great. With that baking of cupcakes, and with Shep’s release of a lucky cupcake item, it was time for a change: ice-creams are out for the moment, cupcakes are in.

I’ve been madly making cupcake items like you wouldn’t believe. The above item is just one of a plethora of items now available in store for the cuppy fans: 50 new cupcake fish in the 7seas custom prize server, 72 cuppies in a lucky dip style lucky-cuppy, and even a cuppy head covering in the group archives for those situations when 172 prim hair just isn’t going to cut it. Hell, there’s even a cupcake skirt and pasties in the group archives.

And there’s more on the way. Keep an eye out for more cuppy items coming soon!