[image title=”Sanu Stuff: Cuppy unicorns… seriously… where do I come up with these ideas?” size=”large” id=”1242″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu Stuff: Cuppy unicorns… seriously… where do I come up with these ideas?” linkto=”viewer” ]
I hope to the lord above that I’m not committing career suicide by posting this… but my hubby talked me into it!

Second Life is a fascinating place – so many things go on that get no further than a chat with friends over drinks otherwise. I’m not sure if I’m normal in this respect, but ‘pro-unicorn vs anti-unicorn’ is something that I and my friends could happily discuss for a good while… it comes under the same banner as the discussions we sometimes have regarding something like the morality of being with a werewolf – theoretical, but fun. Thing is, in Second Life, there actually are unicorns. And werewolves, for that matter.They’ve even gotten some bad rap in mainstream news some time back – controversy regarding the acquisition of baby unicorns in Second Life if you’re so urged to look it up. Anyhow, back on topic…

A particular shopping district, the Starlust Motel, is currently having a heated debate – and it’s spreading. All over the grid, people are choosing sides, forming factions… in some cases, its all out warfare. I’ve picked my side. Super fun sparkle ponies (with horns) rule – so there! The hubby, on the other hand, is distinctly anti-unicorn. He’s all for the tyrannosaurus, which according to him is the natural enemy of the unicorn. I can see it from both sides, however, for now, I’m going with the unicorns until someone convinces me otherwise or I have the unresistable desire to do up some anti-unicorn propaganda to brainwash the masses too.

As a result, I made a whole set to celebrate unicornyness! Top to toe, all you have to add is hair, skin and eyes… perhaps some clothes if the cream-puffs don’t do it for you… lets face it, they are rather, uhhh, revealing.

So… I guess the real question is… which way do you swing? Pro-unicorn, or anti-unicorn?

That’s all for today, folks!