• Sanu Stuff: Hair is wonderful stuff... especially in Second Life, where you don't actually have to style it yourself. Unless you are crazy like me, that is.
  • Hair. We all seem obsessed with it, whether in the ‘real’ world, or the next. I love my real hair, even if it is a right pain at times. It’s been about as many colours in this world as it has in the second, from green to blue to pink with purple leopard spots and everywhere inbetween.

    There are some things I said I wouldn’t make in Second Life, but slowly the list has been getting shorter. I said I wouldn’t do big builds, yet I’ve done castles. I said no shoes, yet I’ve now released one pair and have another sitting in my inventory waiting for me to do signage for it. I even said no hair. Yet here we are.

    I’ve finally tackled the beast that is hair and this is the result. An elegant knot low on the neck, it’s certainly an elaborate style: I don’t seem to be capable of doing things by halves in cases like these. With the endless possibilities that are available in Second Life, how can I not play with all the things I can do with it? It is a fantasy world, after all!

    Unlike my jewelry, which I have sworn will not be named after people, I’m changing that for hair. This one has been named after a good friend of mine who has been supporting my store since almost day one. Abra Exonar was the first person I’d known to have blogged my jewelry back when I had my first seasonal dollarbie in October of last year… back when I had about half a dozen products and that was it. The store has come such a long way since then!

    In case you were curious, Abra has her own blog too, so if you are into Second Life fashion, I suggest you check it out.