• Sanu Stuff: Yes, that's right, I like melon. So much so that I made a kitty-hat out of it and dyed my hair pink. Mmmm, yum!
  • Relay for Life (Australian link) is an organization raising funds for cancer research. Under the banner of the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life also steps out of the real world and into the second to raise real cash.

    Each year, Relay for Life takes over Second Life, with hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers pouring their efforts into raising money to go towards the charity – donating items, holding events and offering donation points wherever the eye can see. Raising a mere $5000 or so back when they entered the Second Life Universe in 2005, it took only until 2007 for that number to grow exponentially to $117,000 (source). Each year, the efforts of volunteers have risen dramatically as more and more people get involved.

    This year, things kicked off with a clothing fair which, within that week alone, raised approximately L$4,500,000 to go towards the charity: that’s about US$16,698 in real terms (source). The site for Relay for Life of Second Life is currently down due to technical issues, so I cannot give an exact current running total for this year at this point. However I have been told that so far it is in the region of approximately L$14,000,000 so far, cresting US$50,000.

  • Sanu Stuff: I also like apples... and blue. It seems a good match, doesn't it?
  • So where does all this fit in with these pictures? Why am I telling you about this organization? Because these are my offerings for Relay for Life. Donation vendors, where people must donate a certain amount to receive a thank-you item, are set up by content creators all across the grid as their way to get involved. Now I’m one of them. These two fun hairs require a donation of L$150 to purchase, with all funds donated going directly to the American Cancer Society.

    It might be a little thing I am doing – but put it together with all the thousands of people who are donating their items, buying things in support, holding fund-raisers and so forth. Relay for Life of Second Life: proving that lots of little things make big things happen.