• Sanu Stuff: Another new hair style, Anayla. Slim and refined at the front with an elegant piled look at the back.
  • Another hair is up at the store, the Anayla. I could write about it, but pictures really do say what words cannot. Anyhow, that is not the main reason I am writing this post.

    Although I know it is going to be some measure of work, I have decided to integrate the Sanu and regular photostreams. Since the creation of the Sanu flickr account, my main one has sat relatively untouched. Since I have made moves to integrate both Sanu and art related things into the one blog, I’ve also decided to do so with the flickr accounts. For that matter, I’ve decided to start actually using the account for my artistic stuff, which is something I have neglected to do for quite some time. Sooooo… expect me to start putting my blog images onto the account. It’ll take a while, but it’ll get there! I’m going to start from day one, and just see it all the way through.

    On that note, the old Sanu account will remain active and I will not be pulling down the images from that account to put them on the new one. Not at this point, in any case. Phew! That’s all for now. Please update your contacts and start checking out the new stream! The button to the right will now take you directly to the Kat Johnston/Sanura Sakai stream… no need to look up the separate addy for Sanu.