• Kat Johnston Painting: Its a turlelephant: an elephant and a turtle spliced into one incredible creature.
  • I finally got a picture of it! A little while ago, some good friends of mine moved into a new house – with that, it was entirely necessary to give them a moving-in gift… especially since they were putting on a fantastic bbq to celebrate. Dimity had asked me on a couple of occasions that she wanted me to draw a turlelephant for her – I took it a step further and painted it.

    So, to address the question ‘What is a turlelephant?’ – its a turtle spliced with an elephant. A divine combination of the two, probably created by a delightfully mad scientist with the kind of laboratory which wouldn’t look out of place with a sheet-covered bench in the approximate shape of Frankenstein tucked away in one dusty corner. Needless to say, an Igor wouldn’t hurt in there either.

    Perhaps the intended result was something fearsome, a horrorific monstrosity straight out of something in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. Instead… lets face it… this creature was destined for cuteness. Perhaps he won over the heart of the formerly evil and/or mad scientist and turned him into a big ole bundle of love, sunshine, rainbows and happiness. Oh, and they all lived happily ever after. The end!