• Kat Johnston Sketch: Broth... it is the most wonderful food on the planet. Welll.... it's in the top 10, at the very least.
  • Broth: a healing, warming food unlike any other. I love broth so incredibly much, especially if it comes with a rich, flavourful base. The reason that I drew broth today, of all things, is because I had it for my lunch!

    I was sitting at my keyboard, after doing my blog-reading for the day, wondering, as I often do, whether there is anything actually edible in the kitchen… when I was hit with a brilliant idea. I plodded upstairs, peeking my nose into the pantry, rustling around for the thing that had caught my delicious mouth-watering inducing imagination: soup. Noodle soup. Or more correctly noodles in broth.

    There, hidden under the cous cous and tucked behind a single packet of satay microwave rice rested my target – a packet of Trident brand laksa soup with those particularly tasty square noodles that curl into little tubes when they’re plunged into boiling water and cooked for a short amount of time.

    With the broth prepared, the seasoning added, the little sashet of flavoured oil stirred to blend it all together, I consumed that bowl of broth with the kind of relish generally reserved for a succulent cut of prime steak after having to subsist on packet noodles for weeks at a stretch. I’m not sure that there is anything more healing, more warming, more wonderful, than warm broth on a cooling day.