• Kat Johnston Sketch: Is there anything more magnificent than a pair of moggies? Kittens... full of teh cute.
  • We’re building on the post of yesterday now… yesterday’s picture looked rather much like a Lolita to me (one of my cats), that I had to do a Penny too (uhhh.. the other cat). Penny does not look quite right on her own though, when there isn’t a Lolita around to try and pounce on her tail.

    You see, Penny is what we would like to refer to as a ‘sumo’ cat. Lolita, now she is the ninja. I’m not sure if ninjas and sumos regularly get along, but these two cats have never really been the cuddley type with each other. Ohhh, they play, they skip around the house chasing each other one way and the next… they’ve even been known to form rather effective two-cat hunting parties when it comes to cornering a quick-witted lizard. But they’ve never really been close to the point of snuggling.

    What is Lolita’s favourite pasttime? Bugging Penny. What is Penny’s favourite pasttime? Sleeping… oh, and bugging Lolita. It all tends to work out in the end.

    Oh, on another little note, I’ve decided to split up the Sanu stuff from this blog, and move it over to its own little area at http://katjohnston.com/sanu. While I believe that it wasn’t doing too bad over here, giving it its own space will hopefully allow me the freedom to expand on some Second Life issues there without boring… well… the rest of you! If you want to check it out, just skip over at any time and take a peek. KatJohnston.com will return to its regular content of sketches and random thoughts.