[image title=”Kat Johnston SKetch: Her heart sits upon her collar.” size=”full” id=”1305″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston SKetch: Her heart sits upon her collar.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This picture was drawn last night, alongside a couple of others – each of them displaying a head devoid of the body which may support it. This in itself is not unusual for me: I quite often draw only a face without what lies below it. It is on a slightly rarer occasion where there might be a particular reason why this is so, other than my own sense of laziness.

One thing that I haven’t drawn a lot of recently is dismembered bodies… quiet with the ‘should you be seeing a psyche?’ thing please! It wasn’t until a few weeks back that the first started to creep back into something I was doing – in this case an armless woman that I really must get around to finishing painting. The lack of arms is carefully masked in such a way as on first look, nothing seems out of sorts… its on the second take in which it hits. These head drawings are far more direct.

There are two others, which I may post later on, should the mood strike… heads which lack the cleanness of the severing of this one. Its rather amusing to me, actually – each of the last two (of which this is one) bear the sort of ‘craft’ or ‘scrapbooked’ sort of embellishment somewhere on them… in this case, a little hand-sewn heart, the other with a very decorative scolloped edge to the cut.

Rather a perverse thing to be sketching while chatting away aimlessly and watching others play Risk, huh?