• Kat Johnston Sketch - look... I'm running out of witty lines. Or even smart ones. You're just going to have to deal with... this!Kat Johnston Sketch - look... I'm running out of witty lines. Or even smart ones. You're just going to have to deal with... this!
  • None of this has anything to do with the sketch – we’re ignoring it today and moving onto the other stuff.

    The other day I wrote a bit of a rant about Lincraft regarding the state of canvasses they sold me a few weeks ago – an annoyingly sticky, gummy residue was left along with cardboard when I pulled away the packaging, leaving the rather unpleasant job of having to do more work to prep the front of the canvas for painting. Although I did pick them up on sale, it still left me feeling rather grumpy over it all. After all, you buy a pre-prepared canvas, you expect to be able to use it straight out of the plastic without having to worry about doing more work or worrying if it is going to work at all. I may have been a little harsh, but I do tend to get that way when it comes to being overly annoyed over things that are as they should not be.

    So this morning I awake and undergo my regular daily schedule: reluctantly open eyes, crawl from under the covers, go downstairs, check e-mail and so on – my rant already quite forgotten. I have a fairly short memory at times and there were more concerning things to worry about… like who was going to make me a peppermint tea for breakfast. With barely contained surprise, between the spam and Facebook notices I noticed a contact form result in my inbox… from Lincraft.

    I have a new-found respect for Lincraft now. There are a lot of businesses not yet utilizing the plethora of opportunities currently available to monitor the buzz about their company online, let alone respond to it – Lincraft has. With a sincerely worded apology for the faults of the product and an assurance that it was an old line, the whole experience feels a lot… better. As if going back to get a canvas from Lincraft again tomorrow maybe wouldn’t be as bad an idea as it would have been yesterday, and as if they do take the whole customer satisfaction and product quality thing seriously (at least on a corporate level).

    So I guess my post today is about giving credit where credit is due. Thanks Lincraft, for harnessing the power of ‘teh internets’ (and probably Google Alerts) to respond so quickly and personably to the problem I had with that product. It is appreciated.