[image title=”Kat Johnston – oh look, another sketch. A crown of vines, this time, it would seem.” size=”large” id=”1355″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston – oh look, another sketch. A crown of vines, this time, it would seem.” linkto=”viewer” ]

I wasn’t meaning that 91 spam comments within a day would be a good thing. Quite to the contrary, I find it fairly annoying, as I sift, with hope, to see if there might be one genuine one in the lot that might have somehow been looked over by the ‘regular comments’ pile. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t like spam. Not even the fun kind, or at least not in quite such copious quantities.

I think, perhaps, that it might be time for me to install a captcha (is that what it’s called?) device or something similar to stop automatic commenting – I swear that a good amount of it doesn’t come from any hits on the site, for the number of spam comments that come in on particular days actually exceeds the number of hits to the site. Have I been tagged somewhere as an easy target? Is there an automatic form set up in some place saying ‘enter your web address here, and we’ll spam all these little blogs with random, odd, and often annoying comments, some of which ‘look’ to be genuine’? I sincerely hope not, yet I have a feeling that it may be so.

Ah well, each to their own, I suppose. I know for certain that anyone who actually reads my blog is unlikely to want most of the products and scams that these spammers are sending on to be linked to, though you never know, I suppose. I’m not going to let my google page-rank (low as it may be) suffer any further by allowing those links to grace my site. So stop! Please, for the love of cheese, take me off your blasted lists and let me slip by without the barrage of ‘free movies, free viagra, oh look, cheap t-shirts!’ What is a girl to do, I ask, what is a girl to do?