• Kat Johnston Sketch - Amelia Alice Montgomery Merriweather. Yes. That's her name.
  • Amelia Alice Montgomery Merriweather – she didn’t ask for the name, though her parents deemed her fit to receive it. There was no question as to whether it would be shortened. It would not. She’d have to bear the full brunt of it day in and day out, whether she behaved or not.

    I was lucky – I only ever got called by my full name when I was in trouble. It was like an indicator on the trouble-o-metre: my shortened name meant ‘no, you’re not in trouble’, with the full name (including middle and last, of course), meaning ‘ok young lady, now you’ve really gone and done it’.

    Names are funny things. My first and middle, when strung together, comes to mean ‘Pure lily’. One sister’s name becomes ‘Universal famous warrior’ with the other’s being ‘Graced star of the sea’. My husband’s turns into ‘He who supplants the black river’ (give or take). Amelia’s there would turn into ‘Industrious and noble power of man’ (again, give or take). That’s a lot to have in one teensie name, without for a second taking into account the last names there.

    So… what does your name mean? I’ve been using this site to check on people’s names – and there are some quite interesting combinations coming out of it I must say!