• Kat Johnston Sketch: a little further along.... lets see where this leads us...
  • Ahhhh, a rare and bountiful day where you are provided with two pictures, instead of the customary one. In this case though, it is simply a continuation of the last – I’ve added in a few more details, extending it, seeing where it will lead me. She’s a beguiling girl; I have yet to work out exactly where she is leading me, or what the destination is set to be. Wherever it is, however, it is sure to remain quite interesting.

    That is all really… I don’t know what else to add. Someone reply to me? Pretty please? I’m so getting sick of the mountains of spam drifting through the ‘you have this many comments…’ list, with not one being an actual comment worthy of publishing. And I have low standards! All I require is that it isn’t bloody advertising.

    Alrighty then… that’s all for now, methinks. I am going to go back to watching Mushi-shi and musing away, while I wait for the time to click closer to when my love arrives home and I can tumble into bed with him, wresting away all the snuggles he has resisted giving me throughout his working day. Snuggles are hard to steal when you are futher apart than you should be, and I must admit that typing ‘*hugs!*’ in msn really just doesn’t cut it beside the real thing.