• Kat Johnston sketch: What happens when you have this up on your screen? Answer: your husband, turning around to say 'is there something you want to tell me, Kat?'
  • I was sitting here sketching this little picture today, after which I scanned it into this lovely little computer (his name is Poe, by the way – the computer, not the bunny, that is). As I was scanning it in, I was checking out Facebook, to see if anything significant had happened within, ohh, the last 2 hours. Something had (sorta), as a friend posted up pictures of his daughter’s baptism.

    I turned to my husband, quite casually, and said ‘My love… you know, I still find it weird to see some of the people I grew up with already with children… not so much that it isn’t something I didn’t see them doing, just that time passes quick – it seems like only yesterday my friend and I were sitting on a playground after watching a movie, and sipping at a couple of coffees…’

    Suddenly my scanning finished, and up pops the picture – the one included in this post. My darling hubby raised his eyebrows, eyes narrowing as he hmmmed. ‘Is there something you want to tell me, darling?’

    Why, I had not even thought of that! But what choice did I have? Lets face it, this was a golden opportunity. I started stroking my belly, cooing and crooning like a ninny. I could almost hear the grinding of gears, the indrawn breath as someone’s life comes to a close from all that was known before. That lasted about, ohhh, 30 seconds before I peek up with a twinkle in my eye. ‘Hell no. Actually, I was referring to Alice, yet again… that said, I can just see this as a greeting card…’

    So, just in case any of you read any deeper than ‘bunny with a sign’, no, I’m not pregnant. Thank god. No offence to those who have children, want children and endorse the joys of possessing, uhh, children, but I am so not ready for that. I haven’t grown up myself yet!