[image title=”Kat Johnston – wavy hair… what an inspired name, huh?” size=”large” id=”1391″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston – wavy hair… what an inspired name, huh?” linkto=”viewer” ]

It’s been raining today – a lovely light mist of grey, shrouding the world in a cool, damp glow. Mmmm… very nice – when you’re happily rugged up inside, anyhow. Then again, I have been known to go outside to dance in the rain, just because it is raining!

I can’t do that today though. It seems that my knee is acting up for some reason or another, although against the urging of my wonderful radiographer friend, I’m leaving it a couple more days before heading to the docs… It doesn’t really hurt – just seems a bit ‘off’, if ya get what I mean. Damn knees. Damn knees and their damn aching.

My apologies for not having today’s image up a few days ago – I know I’ve skipped too many days recently. It’s so cyclical though – you don’t post one day, for one reason or another, then the next day you go ‘but I feel guilty about not posting yesterday, ohhhh, I don’t want to do today’, and then it gets to that special three day mark where you go ‘yeep, I’ve left it so long… I almost feel guilty going back, especially when I haven’t got something to show that will make up for not posting in the past few days’ and so on and so forth until you finally come to the forgone conclusion that you’re overthinking, and should just post a damn picture.

Thus, you’re getting just another silly picture. Phew! Yay! Have a great day, everyone… I’m going to listen to some music and smile and enjoy the rest of my evening.