• Kat Johnston Sketch: Yes... this is what I planned to post yesterday. That didn't freakin happen though...
  • Yesterday I planned on posting an image, this sketch I had created moments before scanning it in. However, no sooner than I had uploaded it to Flickr and was preparing to write my post today, that the incredible occurred. My rumpus room flooded.

    It has been steadily raining here over the past few days, and of course, we had to get flooded. The room went from dry to having a third of it covered in water in about two minutes flat. Now here’s the thing – this didn’t have to happen. There was no reason for this to happen – it was preventable! Our lounge had been flooded before, and there was ample opportunities for the owners of this place to fix the problem – in fact, I think they even filed an insurance claim over it. Did they fix the seal that allowed our rented property to flood though? No. They decided in their infinite wisdom that it ‘wouldn’t happen again’. It was very obviously a problem with dodgy construction, but they decided that rather than caring about the well-being of their tenants, they’d just let it slide and get the carpets cleaned.

    I’ve been absolutely fuming over this, mainly because it was only by sheer luck that I was downstairs at the time this occurred to whisk all of our electronics equipment up from their places before they were drowned. It doesn’t do anything to help that the owners violated the residential tenancies act and had builders over to our place twice without any notice whatsoever either, twice in two weeks. Once this week, at 7:30 in the morning!

    I’m telling you, if we didn’t need a place to live right now, I would be shooting daggers at people and glaring very very angrily. There might just be the use of flame-throwers too. I am not currently a happy camper.

    Anyhow, hardly anything we can do about it now… so here’s a photo! Welcome to our new indoor swimming pool, courtesy of fools who would rather get annoyed tenants and carpet cleaned after the fact rather than fix the problem in the first place.

  • Kat Johnston: Flooding in Brisbane... why'd it have to be us?