• Kat Johnston Sketch: A touch of colour on one of my previous sketches... because I can't scan anything in today!
  • So right now the printer/scanner/copier isn’t yet set up in our ‘new’ computer room, while the rumpus dries out. I honestly think that the flooding downstairs has somewhat killed both my husband’s and my desire to have things down in that room now – at least within reach of possible flooding… again. That, and it smells like mildew. Eww!

    So instead of a ‘new’ sketch today, you’re getting one of my older ones with a touch of colour! This was started a little while back, and since I have it handy, it can go up for today’s sketchy offering. I’d go a little further on it, but surprise surprise… the wacom hasn’t made it upstairs again either! Ah well. Things should get back to normal soon, I guess.

    Happy weekend, guys! Aren’t you glad it has arrived?