• Kat Johnston Sketch: A solitary dreamer, she dreams of distant things.
  • Ah, a solitary dreamer in a world of wakened reality – it is a wonder there is room for dreaming still, when the starkness of the ‘real world’ threatens to consume each and every one of those wandering, winsome imaginings.

    Just another sketch from one of my little sketch books today – nothing major, brilliant or life-changing. And I don’t even know what to write about! It’s the weekend,  and yesterday we were pestered again by home-owners who don’t seem to understand that you are required to give notice before knocking on people’s doors on a Saturday morning to enter the properties of your tenants.

    Now if that happened once, it’s easy enough to forgive… the hubby and I are not unreasonable people. Throw in builders coming over twice with no notice, once at 7:30 in the morn (on a Monday!) to do construction on the place, and I start getting a little grumpy. Time to give the real-estate agent a call again.

    Anyhow, all that aside, there really isn’t too much to type about today. So I think I’ll leave it here! Have a good rest of the weekend, ya’ll.