• Kat Johnston Sketch: Sketched, then digitally coloured in, it's a bird on a string!
  • It got to about 8pm when I thought ‘oh dear, I really do need to do a sketch for the site today, don’t I?’ So I started sketching, and came up with this. There’s actually a whole lot more room in the little square that I’m drawing inside of, but for something different, I thought I might add just a touch of colour in photoshop after I’d scanned it in. Better a small image for now then!

    I actually really like it. It could be coloured in a whole lot better and all, but it was really done that was just because it was quick and easy to do – it’s more about the ‘feel’ of it than absolute accuracy and perfection. I might do the whole square this way, should I get around to actually finishing it at some point. If I do, I’ll certainly post a picture here for you to see it.

    Anyhow, that’s about it today. Tomorrow I have to go off and get an ultrasound done on my knee (it’s being mean to me!) then possibly get a gigantic needle stuck into it. Cross your fingers that no gigantic needle is required, ok? I really don’t like them, and I have to walk home. I’d perfer not to have to do it hobbling, thank you very much!