• Kat Johnston Sketch: This dragon is a girl. You can tell by the flowers and pretty pretty bow on her head.
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    A nice pretty bow and some flowers are probably a decent way to tell that a dragon is a girl. Well… I don’t know completely. Surely there is such a thing as a drag-dragon, but that just sounds a little wrong, you know? Perhaps they have to come up with a different term for it, just so that it doesn’t look like that. Drag-dragon… hmm…

    So yes, anyhow, skipped the weekend for the production of online content, but back to it again today! The weekend was fun of fun and frivolity, with a decent amount of nikko being used on bodies. I have good friends: they are either smart enough or stupid enough to let me draw all over them with permanent marker… I don’t envy them when it comes to having to wash it off the next day.

    Lets see… there was one friend with flowers and vines trailing here and there, another with a full back covered in a cobra with some tribal designs melding into tech, and another friend requesting a dragon. There was no-one wanting bunnies at all! How odd, huh? Anyhow, I decided on Sunday morning (I was up bright and early enjoying breakfast then grocery shopping at the barracks) that I needed markers which weren’t so… uhhhh… thick. Nikkos (the big ones) are all good and all, but when they’ve been used enough, there’s just no way to get a nice fine line. I’m now outfitted with a whole baggie full of sharpies with not only black, but colours too! Ohhh, the next person who lets me draw on them is going to have some funnnnn!