• Kat Johnston: A dragon for her back, not yet a tattoo, but perhaps destined to be.
  • So I mentioned yesterday that I’d been drawing on people smart (or stupid?) enough to make their bodies available to me. This was one of those sketches from the week-end just gone. Ok, so it isn’t the most brilliant thing in the world, but gigantic nikkos with blunted edges (as in it didn’t come to a nice chisel point at allll) are sometimes just a bastard to work with. I am so glad that I went out and bought some awesome sharpie markers – my wonderful friends are going to be letting me draw on them again, apparently, despite whatever trouble they might have had washing off the last bout. Yay me!

    You know, it’s really rather hard to put this one into a category. Sketch, yes, I suppose it would come under that, but it is neither digital nor on canvas, on plain paper or lined… I think it’s just going to be a bit uncategorized. One little category of sketch, and no other to define it… I wonder if it feels sad.

    So that is all for today – I’m getting back to work on other bits and pieces now. You know, playing with markers, drawing with markers, dreaming up wonderful things to do… with markers. Yay markers!