• Kat Johnston Sketch: Little Bunny Bumbleberry is very cute indeed. He likes to run under the trees and collect up all the seed.
  • Ok, so I probably won’t get any awards for awesome post titles this week… but that is ok. I’m posting fairly early today because I’ve just had the owner and real-estate agent for my home come over and poke around all over. I understand that it needs to be done – there’s a decent amount of damage, caused either by the storm or their own on-going neglect to maintain the place, but that still doesn’t make me any more happy about it. There have been enough visits in the past few weeks that I am about ready to go ‘You know what? This is enough. Give us two weeks unbothered, ok?’

    But enough of my grumbliness – lets push that aside, shall we? Today I’ve drawn a bunny! Bunnies have a wonderful way of making me smile, even when a morning has not gone incredibly perfectly. I felt that after having my home invaded, the only real way to get a pick-up may just be to draw one of the furry little things.

    Mission accomplished. I am actually feeling a decent amount better after drawing a bunny. It is a pity that such things can not solve all of life’s ills, isn’t it? Have a flu – a bunny will fix it. Have a hole in the wall – drawing a bunny will fix that too. Want to plan an assassination attempt – I suggest you call the very friendly folks over at ‘Brutal Bunnies for Hire’. They’ll take care of every single one of your assassination needs.

    Ah well… the world doesn’t work exactly like that, but it would be nice if it did.