• Kat Johnston Sketch: A nude I drew last night... perhaps I shouldn't put the word nude in here. Googling might get a whole lot more fun.
  • Mmmm, I am starting to enjoy the wonders of raspberry tea right now. It is both tasty and delicious. That is what I am drinking as I sit here this morning, doing this post.

    So I think that it is going to become required to put up at least one picture a week that results from my life-drawing thingies on Wednesday nights, provided that I go to them. This is one of my picks from this week. Yup, I’m going a full nude this time, but surely the world can take it? It’s just a few lines on a page, after all.

    I actually played around a bit with artistic license on this particular sketch. It was nearing the end of the session, and the girl just seemed a bit exhausted, and I have to admit, I was kinda getting to that point too. My back was being an utter pain in the… uhhh… back!

    So anyhow, yes… it isn’t true to the person laying there, in that she doesn’t have hair that covers most of her face, or looked completely and utterly bushed… but I am happy with it. Of course there are errors, but hey, as I keep trying to tell myself, what can be expected from a 15 – 20 minute sketch? I’m almost tempted to refine this one into something better, later.

    That’s about it for this morning, though I might post another picture later too, if I have anything to say, or a reason to say it. For now, I had best get into the day and try to start it properly.