[image title=”Kat Johnston – my little girl looks to a star above…” size=”large” id=”1433″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston – my little girl looks to a star above…” linkto=”viewer” ]

9 days in fact. My apologies – it’s been one heck of a couple of weeks. Builders in and out of the house, real-estate agents not wanting to give straight answers, not getting a job I would have liked to have gotten, I have to get surgery because my knee is not behaving… all in all, it’s been a just a teensie bit rotten. But that’s ok. Because I have a sketch for you!

You know how I’ve mentioned my ‘little girl’ before? This is her. She’s a reoccurring character that I draw over and over, here and there. And she’s cute!

Ok, so onto something a little different. I went to a concert last night – the Pink Funhouse Tour concert. When Pink actually got to the stage, it was an absolutely fantastic show. She was brilliant. What was, however, disappointing about the night, was waiting for the actual concert to start. The tickets say ‘7:30′, so I expect an opening act, and then Pink to be on the stage by say… ohh… 8:00, or perhaps 8:30, tops. But noooo… it was already 9:15 by the time it got to the actual concert.

That, my friends, was a little disappointing – if we weren’t set on watching the main act, I would have walked out the door by 9. After all, you pay to see Pink, not Faker and a DJ for almost 2 hours. Not that Faker was bad or anything, and the DJ was actually fairly brilliant, but when you’re waiting for the main act, you don’t want to sit there and listen to something else for so long – it didn’t seem to pump up the crowd for the main act, it just seemed to draw out the time until it actually happened. Hopefully it was just a ‘first night in Brisbane’ type mishap backstage that made the wait so incredibly, incredibly long.

But the wait aside, the actual concert part of the night itself was fantastic. Pink really knows how to move around a stage and sing while being tossed this way and that in incredible feats of acrobatics, and the stage-show itself was just brilliant. Pink, not surprisingly, sung incredibly well, and even proved she wasn’t lip-syncing a couple of times by forgetting the words. Phew! Yay for the Pink concert!

I’m so not apologizing for enjoying awesome pop music by the way. So there!