• Kat Johnston Body Art: This is what happens when I get given a body to work on, and a packet of prettily coloured sharpies.
  • Finally! Finally I get to play around properly with prettily coloured sharpies… all over someone’s back. Started with the heart and went out from there. It grew!

    I’m actually really loving playing around with sharpies on people doing these ‘sorta not really permanent marker tattoo’ thingies. It took a little bit to get used to the way the coloured sharpies work and blend, but I think I’m starting to get the gist of it. When given the chance, I think I have a far better idea of how I’m going to draw a phoenix on a certain someone – though they’ll have to give me a bigger area to work with this time! Please?

    In celebration of working with pretty pretty markers, I’ve created a new category for such things, entitled ‘Body Art’. That way they don’t just get thrown straight into the ‘Sketches’ category and that’s it. I figure that my friends will lend me forbearance for a while longer to draw all over them, so there is a fairly decent likelihood that I might post more pictures of them here. Yay for friends who tolerate my eccentricities!

    I think that’s about it for today… enjoy the picture, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Phew!