• Kat Johnston body art: Yay! Another dragon... and this time he's green. Phew!
  • Another day, another dragon, on another person’s arm. It seems that dragons are well requested within my little circle of friends… that said, this dragon wasn’t actually ‘requested’ so much as ‘drawn because I knew that it would tickle this person’s fancy’. The background then came later, once I’d had a bit of a break. By the time it was done, at least she’d started actually sitting (or laying, rather) still.

    Sorry that there was no posting over the weekend – it’s been a bit busy, of late, so doing posts for here wasn’t exactly top top priority. No matter though – I’m back at it today. And that is what matters, when all is said and done!

    So, anyhow, not much actual news to add here. There’s nothing especially interesting or fascinating going on in the world of Kat, just the regular ole day to day stuff that requires doing. Speaking of which… time to get back to work. Talk later, everybody!