So it just so happens that I had an interview today, and because I was rushing out the door, I didn’t have the chance to grab any images of some of my more decent drawings or paintings. As a result, I gave a link to this site. Sooo, to make it easier to navigate through the loads and loads of pictures here (because I haven’t got the gallery section up and running again), I’m going to put just a few of my favourite images up in this post, ranging from a few paintings to some of my sketches. So… here we go!

  • Kat Johnston Art: A little further progressed... and still untitled.
  • My most recent completed painting, this one just blows me away… I love it to utter bits. Originally, it was meant to be completed in colour, however when the black and white was mostly completed, I realized that it was just not destined for that. This painting was completed in gouache on canvas, and finished with a semi-gloss varnish. The piece is called ‘Escape of the Nubian Contessa’.

  • 'Rat King' 3
  • A painting still in progress, this one is ‘The Rat King’, though it is quite possible that the name will change by the time it is actually completed. Again, gouache on canvas, as yet unfinished. My apologies for the quality of this image – I should really retake this photo.

  • 'Miniatures'
  • Some miniatures, measuring no more than a couple of inches by a couple of inches. Surprisingly enough, despite the tiny size of these, they remain something that I utterly adore to this day.

    Ok, now onto a few drawings…

  • Kat Johnston art - looking at a blank page is hard. Its so full of potential, and -you- have the potential to screw it up. But as the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • This one has a bit of a story. It is entitled “Atelodemiourgiopapyrophobia” which is a word a friend and I coined meaning ‘the fear of imperfect creative activity on paper’… in other words, staring at a blank, beautiful, fresh sketchbook and going ‘oh god, I really, really don’t want to ruin it’. Not so surprisingly, I suppose, it is drawn inside a sketchbook… and a nice one at that. Completed in plain, ole-fashioned biro.

  • Kat Johnston Art - A book unwritten remains unread. It takes a pen to paper and a risk of failure to make those words take wing. How's that for a bit of philosophical mumbo-jumbo for you? The unwise owl gets a little sense, perhaps?
  • Another from the same sketchbook, even. This is an image of ‘The Unwise Owl’, which means a fair amount to me, but perhaps not to others. Suffice to say, the Unwise Owl believes he is wise, yet does not realize until it is too late that this may not be so. He was the basis of a little childrens’ story I wrote.

  • Kat Johnston Sketch - this is maggie... I was testing out a new pen.
  • “Maggie’ is the name of this lovely lady. This¬† picture was just drawn quickly, to test out a new and wonderful ink pen, however the results went above and beyond what I could have wished for. Working with different mediums is just so incredibly fulfilling – I can take a break from one, switch to another, and when I come back to the first I have a whole new take on how I can work with it, too.

    Ok… that should do! At least for now. Unfortunately, posting a picture of every favourite image I have here would take a long time, and just be silly. Clicking on the tag ‘favourite’ for this post, however, will bring up a wider list of the sketches posted here that I love the most. Hopefully I’ll get the job (cross fingers, everybody), and if I have to resort to offering bribery with baked goods, I’m willing to do it. Everyone likes cake, don’t they?

    Regular programming resumes tomorrow… in the meantime, I’m going to try and dig out some of the pictures of jewellery I’ve made, which are buried somewhere on this computer… if I can find them, I’ll throw up a few pictures of those as well.