• Kat Johnston Sketch: Little vamps need loving too, ya know... they don't stay young forever! Oh... wait... that's not quite right.
  • I needed a break from other things, so I decided to use my pen for something else more exciting than filling out forms. Oi, forms make me tired… not all forms are bad, just the ones I really, really don’t want to fill in!

    We’ve had builders in and out and in and out and innnn and out of our poor little house here… plus a plumber over today. Painting is going to occur on Monday or some such nonsense. I really am getting to the point of utter frustration over it, but there ya go!

    Annnyhow… all that aside, here is today’s piccie. She’s a little vampie girl, and I think she’s incredibly adorable! But then, I may be just the teensiest bit bias, since I drew her to begin with.

    Judging from yesterday’s response to my jewelry (both in person and on the Facebook note made from these posts), it seems that I should try to battle my way through to my table again soon, and get to creating again. Now, if our house could just get back to a useable state (please, owners… seriously… getting a little silly now), I could move all the boxes that are currently crowding around my canvasses and tables and jewelry making equipment, and I could get back to work in there!

    Ah well… cross fingers that something will get sorted out soon. That’s all for today, folks!