• Kat Johnston Sketch: Isn't she just adorable? Well I think so! Like a little princess, or something.Kat Johnston Sketch: Isn't she just adorable? Well I think so! Like a little princess, or something.
  • Eep! I actually meant to post up this picture last night, but then my hubby put on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean III’ and by the time that was done (overly long, in my opinion), I was just ready to fall into bed and close my eyes. I had it all scanned into the computer and everything, though, I swear!

    Mmmm, it is Sunday today, and the day has started off well. I woke up with a cat nestled in against the crook of my arm, and with my stirring movement, she too awoke. She crawled up onto my chest, the purring already starting before one finger was laid upon her. It seems that cats enjoy a sense of anticipation too.

    I cupped her chin in my hand, my thumb lightly stroking along her elegant jawline, while my other hand smoothed down the silken fur of her back. My Lolita (for that is her name) must have some touch of oriental in her, for her jaw and whole body is so smooth yet angular – though she is most definitely predominantly blue tortoise-shell. The look suits her well. While she is fully grown, she still looks so much the kitten, especially in the low light, when her pupils are very dilated. She is our little bear.

    I tugged her further up my body, while she, pretending that she will ‘allow’ me the pleasure of petting her (rather than revealing that she was actually revelling in it) opened her mouth in a gigantic, tooth-filled yawn. I guess she just wanted to let me know who was in charge. Ahhh, but my Lolita… she does not fool me in the slightest. She is a cat who loves snuggles, and her purring is like the rumble of an idling truck, or perhaps a jet taking off. She does not fool me at all!

    Snuggling her is just the perfect way to start the day.