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It feels too early in the morning, but I have a feeling that that has come from a combination of little sleep, and the fact that I’m about to get my house invaded by painters. Not the fun, creative, interesting types either… the types that just paint walls, and paint them all the same boring shade of pale cream. Not that pale cream is a bad thing, mind you, but I do tend to think that it is somewhat overused in every bloody rental property known to mankind. No, wait, I lie… that horrid, horrid shade of pale peach tends to stretch the boundaries of colour-love when it is plastered on every room in a place too. Same goes for pale blue – and I actually do regularly like pale blue!

With that said though, I have to say, annoying though it may be to always be surrounded by these particular colours (though I have been lucky enough not to have to live in a ‘peach’ house yet), I would prefer them over some of the ungodly alternatives. I’m not sure who exactly advised some of the people out there about how to decorate, but really… a splash of colour should not have to equal DIY disaster. Unless you are really good at sponging, and know what you’re doing, for god’s sake, don’t sponge! Don’t decide to do an entire room of faux marble paint effect on the wall unless you’ve practiced beforehand! And seriously, just because someone showed you how to do it on TV does not mean that you are going to be able to replicate it perfectly in your own rental property.

Now if you like experimenting in your home, go to town – your home is your home, and you have to live in it and love it… and possibly correct it if it all goes wrong. But I am still stunned at the amount of rental properties on the market that are, in my opinion, not fulfilling their potential (both in appearance, and the resulting long-term earnings) for lack of a few weekends of work and a few hundred bucks worth of paint. Cream all over might be boring, but at least it isn’t bright yellow with uneven white sponging and bright blue trims through the whole damn house.

That is all. This somewhat-rant has been bought to you by the Kat Johnston Society Against Ugly Rental Properties. I just want the damn rooms painted: I need to get those boxes out of my studio so that I have room to move again!