• Sanu in SL: Oh yeah... this is one kick-ass looking sign, don't you think? This is a competition for the truly creative!
  • Because I am seriously too lazy to maintain two blogs. I know, I know, I should really learn how to maintain the two, but it is harrrrrd… so occasionally you’re going to get something like this sneak through. Besides… I’m really proud of this sign! I mean… come on. How cool is this sign, guys?

    As many of you may know, I maintain a little hobby business in Second Life, and as a part of that, I am holding a little competition. Sanu has held four ‘quests’ since it opened (I’m not including the mini-quest… it was just a space filler!), and there is now a competition on to see how people have been inspired by them! The rules are simple: make an image inspired by one part of a story, and go to town with the creativity. The images will be posted on the Sanu in SL flickr group (which can be found here) for everyone to see, and the grand prize winners will get a whole swag of goodies. Full rules and all that can be found in the Sanu flickr group discussion section, too.

    So anyhow… that is my bit of creativity for this morning, though the sign was started last night. Something was just off for a little while there, and it had me stumped, but now I think I have it looking rather snappy. Yay Sanu!

    Edit: I’ll have to replace the image with a properly resized one at some point, because the automatic resizing that occurs when a larger image is used on the blog has made some of the smaller text blurry… and it isn’t actually blurry! Uhhh… so… ignore the blurriness, ok?