• Kat Johnston Sketch: This cthulhu eats real-estate agents for breakfast. Oh, and lunch. Perhaps also dinner, and for a midnight snack.
  • I am lucky, I suppose, that I have a part of me that stops me from ranting on in a big way on my site, since I know that invariably it will be backed up somewhere, and someone may just well use my words against me in the future. Despite all that, I have to say – I have completely had it with my real-estate agent, the owners of the property I live in, and every builder they have had through these doors. I would love to name and shame them all, but I could just imagine that landing me in trouble. Despite that, the desire to do so is quite strong, because I would hate to see anyone affected in the same way by these morons in the future.

    Ok, anyhow, lets put aside talk of real-estate agents… it makes me angry, and I’m really, really trying not to be! Instead, lets have a look at today’s picture. It just happens to be a real-estate agent eating cthulhu. It likes to chomp on the bones of agents who ignore the RTA and real-estate law, making sure that there is nothing left with which to terrorize helpless renters whose homes, privacy and time have been invaded, destroyed and imposed upon without concern or seemingly reason. Oh, and it is good at chomping on the bones of thoughtless, moronic contractors with combined IQs approximately equivelant to a newt’s (with a learning disorder, mind you), too. It has a lot to keep it satisfied – that is why it looks so cute and happy!