• Kat Johnston Digital sketch: Look! She's got just a teensie bit of colour... yay!
  • Ok, So I’ll admit it – I had awesome fun adding a teensie bit of colour to this sketch. I know that a smart person would redo the sketch to be perfectly suited to the digital form – outlining things again with the pen tool, and getting awesome, crisp lines… but sue me. I’m lazy, and as if you can’t tell, I love seeing my working marks on sketches!

    So anyhow, this is a little extra bonus pic for the night. Cutie-cthulhu, with a little bit of rough colour! I’m going to get back to my real life for the evening now. I have some wonderful music playing, I’m bopping along happily, and I’m allllmost tempted to go see what gorgeous wines we have lying around. That is just how awesome tonight is.

    In fact, it is so awesome that I did up another brand new banner for the site. It’s just a bit of silliness, but still… a lot of fun for me! Hope you like it!