[image title=”A special guest spot, for our daring cthulhu!” size=”large” id=”1509″ align=”center” alt=”A special guest spot, for our daring cthulhu!” linkto=”viewer” ]

After posting the ‘sorta paper-craft, but really dodgy’ post just before, a glorious girl I know decided to print it out and colour it in. Here is the result. If you are curious to see more from my dashing friend, check out her blog here! Her awesome colouring in is posted with permission, because I’m just awesome like that.

If you print out and colour little cthulhu here, or any of my pics, really, let me know! I might just post them to the site if you provide me with a copy. Oh dear… I think it’s almost getting to the point where Cthulhu needs its own category. Heaven forbid!