• Kat Johnston Sketch: Show you care with the gift of cthulhu. Ok, so this would actually look kinda sucky if you actually made it, but the concept is sound!
  • Sorrrrrry… I know. Enough cthulhu already. I can’t help it – they’re just toooo cute! Today’s installment on the cthulhu-train is a silly not-quite-papercraft style thingime that could be (if you wanted to put something totally lame on someone’s desk for them) cut out and constructed into something cute. The fact that it is drawn on notepaper and is rough as guts does kind of detract, but I’m actually thinking that it wouldn’t be a totally bad idea for me to make one of these for realsies. It wouldn’t really be that hard to do, and how cute would it be? Super cute. Seriously, show that you care with cthulhu. Do you think it would be a hit? Would you actually want to see a completed one, able to be cut out and constructed?

    So anyhow, that is about it for today. Nothing especially exciting to disclose, or let you know about. I think that we’re able to actually start putting things back into the storage room, which will be a blessing, since all of those stupid boxes have been stored in my studio, barring its use for almost 6 weeks straight. Talk about frustrating, huh?

    So for today, I shall leave it at that. Enjoy your day, everbody!